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About the Silence

   Based on studies of visual art, the works of Eun Sun HUH contains “the peace flowing from the colors”. Through her colors with both positive and negative aspects, the psychological understandings are present in each one of them. Then she tends to offer the positive energy to the viewers by contemplating the paintings. In other words, the visual energy and the marginal space of her works arrive to their deepest inner world. By healing and sublimating, she invites us to open the intimate door to get to “the true freedom”.

   Another surprising point is her research on the materials for the purpose of putting the light into the image. That is how she discovered the hydro-laque which allows her to make use of the gold and the silver. With rare materials and complex work methods, she drives herself along the labor pain and endurance.

   As some bleeding practices and self sacrifice are needed, the paintings obtained after her lonely works finally give “the freedom” to the viewers. Her works surprisingly get animated by the light change. Here we may find that her intention about the “light” is successfully accomplished. The dim light of the dawn and the sunset of the evening give completely different lines and colors. The artist’s daily difficulties and beads of sweat discreetly meet the nature at the moment where the light of her work offers us a present – the power of comfort and liberty from the reunion with the nature. The positive energy inside the paintings is therefore the love, the consolation, and the freedom. What has been kept deep inside human beings is sublimated through her works and gets healed. Unable to verbalize enough, we look at her works in silence.


Representative, Hye Ran LEE


Huh eun sun, Sophie

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