Would you help me to hear the Sky?


About the series of Silence

Artiste statement

   The oeuvres in this Silence series are made in what is known as the hydro-lacquer technique, also described as the medium. This process brings out the particular brilliance of the metallic like gold and silver. The artistic process is long and slow one. Multiples layers of paint are superimposed and simultaneously eroded, a method of continually adding and subtracting. It is by going through this long and fulfilling passage with each painting from the initial concept to the final touches that I fully appreciate the profound value of the work.

   I choose the colors not only for its obvious visual qualities but for its more subtle psychological effects as well. The blue has the power to heal and purify our inner selves and the gold offers positive energy.

   This Silence series began by painting the sky that I saw with homeless people on the street in Paris. This series is the story about the significance of the existence of man and everything in-between. Everything that has energy has direction. Silence as a sound also has energy and directionality. The Silence series are the reflection on being and current issues related to the life.

   Today, man becomes a prisoner of productivity by losing the sense of rest. Therefore missing the sense of beauty to being and our identity falls into confusion. Silence helps us to discover our identity. The silence is not the absence of productivity but the beauty of presence of absence. Which is our society needs. Beauty is a path of opening which touches on essential things to quest for the meaning of existence. May the beauty of Silence brings out invisible sounds.

HUH Eun Sun. Silence désiré 10. Hydro-laque, feuille d’argent sur toil. 20×20cm. 2017

Silence part 1

Desired Silence-Silence Desiree

HUH Eun Sun. Papillon dans le ventre 7.Hydro-laque, feuille d'or sur toil. 30×30cm 2017

Silence part 2

Butterflies in the Stomach

Intimité de l’eau 2. Hydro-laque, feuille d'or sur toile. 50×50cm. 2018

Silence part 3

Intimacy of Water

Dancing with Silence 20-11(Freedom), 46x61, 2020 low

Silence part 4

Dancing with Silence

The Sea in the Sky 2. hydrolaque et feuille d'or sur toile. 50x100.2019

Silence part 5

The Sea in the Sky

About the line 4 Hydro-lac gold lives on canvas 30x30cm 2019 low

Silence part 6

About the line

Resilience5-au dela de l'hiver hydrolaque et l'or sur toile 60x60.2021

Silence part 7


slider copy

Silence part 8

In the Beginning

About Your Name 7,technique mixed, 270x270cm, 2022

Silence part 9

About your name

Dazzlingly 1. Technique mixed with gold leaves. 72x31cm. 2023

Silence part 10